Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

I hope this finds you basking in the sun with warmth in your heart.

As many of you know, I have been taking some time off to finish my first book.  I will have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying writing.  It seems the more I write, the easier it flows.  I guess that’s true with just about anything isn’t it?

My time in Massachusetts has allowed me to really focus on me.  My daily routine includes meditation, yoga, and long walks at a nearby park.  I have had time to really hone in on what it is that I want.  Not necessarily what I want immediately, but what I want my life to look like down the road.  I have really started to focus on my final destination, something that so many of us forget to do as we get caught up in day to day life.

I was recently introduced to something called “Notes From The Universe.”  It is the creation of Mike Dooley, a down to earth, energetic and loving soul whose life purpose is to help others manifest their dreams.  He is, to put it simply, an amazing human being! Mr. Dooley provides many tools to help others manifest their dreams.  Among his many offerings, one of my favorites, called “Notes From The Universe,” which are uplifting and supportive messages that are sent out via email a few times each week.  I so enjoy receiving these messages and am convinced that they are sent directly from my angels and guides, as they are exactly what I need to hear each and every time.  They are full of encouragement, love, and support, something we all could use more of don’t you think? These messages often answer questions that I might have and offer guidance for things that I might be contemplating.  These “notes” are free.  All you need to do is sign up.  I would encourage you to do so as this will give your loved ones, angels, and guides just one more way to reach you.

As I continued receiving these beautiful messages from The Universe, I decided to poke around and learn a little more about Mike Dooley.  If you didn’t hear what I said before, I’ll say it again.  MIKE DOOLEY IS AMAZING!! He is a true lightworker, striving to make things better for everyone, all over the world.  He is a teacher, a mentor, and a guide, who operates from a place of service to others.  I could go on and on about this amazing man, but I will let you learn more about him by looking him up yourself, if you wish.  One thing I do want to tell you about is an amazing DVD that Mr. Dooley has created, called “Thoughts Become Things.”  I came across this awesome video while poking around on the website and was quite intrigued.  I ordered it and eagerly waited for it to arrive as I truly felt it was something that was going to be life-changing.  Yes, I really did!  Well, I can’t say enough about this simple, awesome, magnificent video!! It has literally changed my life, just as I thought it would.  In this video, Mr. Dooley teaches the importance of daily visualization.  He gives important and specific guidelines on how one should do daily visualizations and offers his own personal triumphs that have occurred for him.  Mr. Dooley explains how just taking five to ten minutes day, visualizing your dreams, is enough for you to reach them.  He points out the importance of only picturing or visualizing what you want your life to look like, not how you get there.  He calls these the “curs-ed how’s.”  These “curse-ed how’s” is what trips most of us up.  We know what we want, but get in our own way with thoughts and beliefs of how things can come to us.  Mr. Dooley emphasizes the importance of visualizing yourself in the beautiful life that you want, feling the sun on your face; answering the phone; hearing the laughter of family and loved ones around you……….really turning all of your senses on and experiencing your visualization with that in mind.  Mike Dooley explains how adopting this practice, for just a few minutes a day, will begin to move you towards that which you desire.  I know it sounds simple, but once you watch his video and take action, you will experience big changes.

Since receiving Mike Dooley’s video, Thoughts Become Things, only a few weeks ago, things have really started shifting in my life.  I have experienced so many “chance meetings,” synchronicities, and even miracles in such a short time.  Since beginning these techniques, I haven’t missed a day.  I begin each day with my visualizations as I feel that opens the floodgates to all of the surprises that are just waiting to spring up in front of me.  I can’t even begin to explain how this works.  It is simply something that you must experience for yourself.  My life has shifted in such amazing ways, in such a short period of time, that I knew I had to share this with you.  I strongly urge you to get Mike Dooley’s DVD.  It just might be what you need to begin ushering unlimited abundance into your life.

I have included links to Mike Dooley’s, Notes From The Universe, as well as his DVD, Thoughts Become Things.  You can check them out here:



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I wish you a season of clarity, new ideas, and unlimited love, joy and peace.



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