Top 5 ways become a Magnet for Miracles

Mother Nature continues to remind us of her power, and that we truly are not in control with the crazy weather all over the world.

I’ve seen many people become magnets for miracles with help from my podcast and courses. I would like to share my ‘Top 5 Ways to Become a Magnet for Miracles’ that work so well for me, so that you may begin to experience more miracles in your own life!

1. The Universe is abundant and generous

The first thing we MUST accept and realize, is that the Universe is abundant and generous. There is more than enough to go around, and It is eager to share Its wealth. So many of us carry some sort of guilt complex and resist asking for things for ourselves.  We offer prayers for others, often leaving ourselves out of the mix, thinking that it’s selfish or that if we receive, others will do without. If this sounds like you, it’s time to stop this limiting behavior. The Universe is plentiful with unlimited possibilities. Please don’t limit what It can provide!  Shift into a new way of thinking, that God is abundant, and eager to give you all that you seek.  Start calling in abundance for yourself and others, knowing that there is enough for everyone!

2. Miracles must be co-created

The second thing we MUST realize, when it comes to receiving miracles, is that they often MUST be co-created. What I mean by that, is that we can envision and imagine wonderful and miraculous things coming to us, but we are often urged to take a step, a step towards creating the very miracles we seek.  People often create vision boards, write in journals, and pray for what they want, then sit back and do nothing, just waiting for something to happen. We must take steps forward to allow the flow to begin.  We must be active participants in the creation of our own miracles. Whether you are asking for a miracle in regards to your health, career, love life, or anything else, you must be willing to do your part. Do you ask to be healed yet refuse to move your body? Do you ask for healing yet put things in your body that aren’t conducive to healing? Do you ask for that perfect soulmate yet stay in a draining relationship, waiting for that perfect person to arrive? Do you ask for a new career or job yet continue to drag yourself to your current place of employment just waiting for something to fall into your lap? Believe me, I have been in every one of those situations.  Granted, spontaneous miracles do happen, but I truly believe that we are often asked to take leaps of faith, or at least show the Universe that we are serious, and willing to take the necessary steps to co-create our miracles.


3. To receive more miracles, is to show gratitude for miracles we’ve already received
The third thing we MUST do in order to receive more miracles, is to show gratitude for those we have already received.  We often consider miracles to be some big event, when we are really experiencing them every single day.  There are so many miracles all around us if we would only take a few moments to notice them.  The more miracles we notice, and show gratitude for, the more we will receive.

4. Be more mindful

As 2014 rolled in, I decided it was time to be more mindful; more mindful of what was happening inside of me and all around me. I decided I would spend a year in gratitude and even started a gratitude jar. I write things down daily that I am grateful for, fold them up, and place them in the jar. I plan is to read each and every little piece of paper at the end of the year. I can’t wait to remember all of the things I had to be thankful for!5. Notice the subtle signsAre you noticing all of the miracles around you? The sky? The clouds? The animals? The people around you? Do you notice the beautiful birds that sing to you each day, each with their own unique colorings and markings? I recently spent some time sitting outside (yes, in this bitter cold weather). Although it was quite chilly outside (I think around fifteen degrees) the sun was shining so bright. My body yearned to be in those healing rays, so I bundled up and headed outside. There was ice on my driveway but that didn’t keep me from putting a chair right in the middle of it. I still chuckle as I’m certain my next door neighbor thought I had lost my mind. I sat there, on the ice, with layers of clothes on, and soaked up the sun. As I sat there, thanking God for the beautiful sun, I began to hear birds chirping. There were so many different kinds of birds; the cardinal with its vibrant red body; some smaller birds that were black and white, with beautiful markings on them. One of them turned around and I noticed that his feathers formed a “V” on his back. I heard “victory” and knew that this little bird had come with a message for me. One particular bird was so tiny yet had the loudest, most beautiful voice of all.  These tiny creatures were some of God’s miracles. He created each and every one of those little birds to be different than the other. I began to realize that we are like those little birds, each of us different in our own unique way. We look different, sound different, have different beliefs, and experience life in different ways.  We are here, just like those little birds, to experience life and continue on our journey. Each and every one of us is one of God’s miracles.

As I continue to notice miracles in and around me, more and more miracles continue to flow my way.  I realized that, although I felt I was a grateful person, I wasn’t showing enough gratitude each and every day. I am now finding so much to be grateful for, and I waste no time in thanking God for His generosity!
Are you ready for more miracles in your life? I can assure you that if you begin with just the few things I have listed above, you WILL experience a shift.  You will find yourself in a more positive space and you WILL begin to usher miracles into your life.  Start with a gratitude journal or a gratitude jar and begin writing things down each and every day, even small things, that you are grateful for.  As you do this, watch how things begin to shift in your favor. Ask for what you want, expect great things, and show more gratitude, then brace for all of the miracles that will begin flowing your way.
I would like to close by offering you a few of my favorite affirmations.  I often post them around the house and say them throughout the day.  Feel free to use these or make up your own that feel right to you.
“I am ready for all of my miracles in my personal and professional life”
“I am an active participant in creating miracles in my life”
“Miracles come quickly, easily, and effortlessly”
“I am a magnet for miracles”
Here’s a good one to use if you feel as if you are doing everything necessary, yet still haven’t received the miracle you are waiting for:
“Thank you for getting me one step closer to my miracle! I know that it is right around the corner”
Sending All My Love…….
Happy Manifesting! xo Julia

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