The Rainbow Kids Crew is Here (plus a podcast!)

have been thrust into a whirlwind of goodness and had to share my joy with YOU!
Since deciding that I needed to begin working and creating with the children doors have just started to fly open.

I have heard from several people asking if I was going to continue to offer my gifts to adults and the answer is a resounding YES!! I wanted to make sure that you knew that I was just adding more to my arsenal of how I can show up in the world.

Since moving in the direction of the children I have been blessed to connect with such a gifted artist and author, Jessycka Drew. She has written a series of children’s books and is quite passionate about helping the so very special munchkins who are already here, and those on the way. Jessycka and I have been brainstorming all sorts of goodness and we are on fire! We will begin hosting videos very soon on our YouTube channel, “The Rainbow Crew ~ Welcomes You ~ With Julia Treat & Jessycka Drew.” We plan to post daily videos and are in the process of designing apparel, bedding (with wings of course), and so much more. I will be taking the kids on journeys with me into the woods, walking by streams, and climbing mountains, capturing magical pics of animals, fairies and angels. Jessycka will be sharing her beautiful stories and helping the children remember just how amazing they are! I bet you can feel my enthusiasm as it all comes together. I can hardly contain myself!

Jessycka and I feel this calling as we continue to get so many winks from The Rainbow Crew. I recorded a podcast where I talk all about them. You can listen to it HERE:

if you wish. I have also included a screenshot that was taken by one of my coaching clients. She began to notice lights forming around me while we were speaking during a session. In the bottom lefthand corner you can see some sweet little rainbow kids looking at me. And although I wasn’t surprised that Archangel Michael showed up (his mighty sword directly in front of me) it was pretty cool to see his sword in action. And the rainbow figure behind me is either an angel or a dragon (I resonate with both).

This “magic” is available to us all. You can have your own crazy awesome miraculous stuff appear! I would never have thought several years ago that it could be this cool. It’s time to believe my friend. There is a portal of goodness that has opened up for us all.


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