The Power Of Past Lives

The Power Of Past Lives

As a psychic medium and angel intuitive I am constantly being reminded about the power of past lives. It comes up often, not only in my own life, but also in the lives of many of my clients. So many come to me seeking connection with departed loved ones, angels and guides, and leave with knowledge of so much more. The power of past lives can wreak havoc on our present lifetime without us having the slightest idea what is causing all of the chaos. I, myself, have seen nine of my own lifetimes to date, and let me just tell you that every single one has opened my eyes tolimiting beliefs and patterns that I have carried over this time. I have had countless epiphanies and aha-moments, which have helped me to forgive, release, and let go of all that is keeping me from the amazing life I know I deserve.

Our wounds are deep and may stay buried deep within our soul if they are not discovered. Past life regression is one tool to help us do just that. During past life regression clients are guided into a very relaxed state. Once they have reached a deep, relaxed, and calm state clients are guided to a past lifetime, one that is full of answers. Visiting past lives through regression often provides just the miracle a client needs for healing and moving forward. When the initial or root cause of an issue is brought to consciousness, the past-life wound can be healed. Healing almost always occurs on an emotional level but I have witnessed many clients heal physical ailments as well.

Here are just a few ways that the power of past lives may be affecting your not so perfect life.

1. Fears – these are generally significant fears. My friend, Amy, used to have such a fear of spiders that any books she owned that contained pictures of spiders had to have a covering of some kind (usually a small piece of paper taped over the picture). She has made huge strides since doing past life regression and has been able to uncover the beast. She also no longer freaks out when seeing them outside, and believe me, that is a miracle in and of itself! Fear stemming from past lives can also keep us from making decisions, moving forward, or making any sort of change at all.

2. Phobias – if you have one you’ll know it!

3. Talents – does something come super easy to you or are you super talented in one or several areas?

4. Affinities – have you ever had that instant “in like” or even “in love” feeling with someone? Or felt like you already knew someone upon meeting them for the first time? Well, there’s a BIG chance you’ve been together before!

5. Relationships – you may have difficulty with relationships; dislike someone instantly and not know why; inability to let someone go; fear of losing someone (including your children OR a child’s fear of losing a parent); exhibit harmful patterns like self-sabotage; have difficulty finding love (or letting it in); withhold love; the list goes on

6. Physical ailments – is your body serving you well or not? If you’re sick, fatigued, have an illness or disease, or stuck in victimhood, it might just stem from a past life issue. I’ve had things “pop up” that subsequently disappeared once I visited a past life to see what happened before. One interesting thing was a lump that showed up on my upper chest (not my breast), but right under my left clavicle. It was large and just kept getting bigger. I felt strongly that it had to do with things that were happening in my life with a particular individual at the time, so I did a past life regression and sure enough, I got my answer. The person in question had stabbed me in that exact spot in question. Interestingly enough, the lump began to disappear right after my regression. It is completely gone now

7. Flashbacks – to times and places you haven’t been to in this lifetime.

8. Deja vu– we’ve pretty much all experienced it.

Past life regression can help us release the power of past lives in miraculous ways. Physical and emotional healing can be dramatic and rapid, and many have experienced miraculous healing once they have visited the lifetime where the problem first occurred. The past life wounds are healed, forgiveness to those who hurt us and to ourselves is given, and we become whole once again. We are healthy again, mobile again, and free again. But let me just warn you. We weren’t always the good guy. Sometimes we were the one inflicting the pain. And that is never easy to see! Either way, we must heal, and past life regression often reveals details and events that make sense to you and your situation this time around. It’s about uncovering and releasing harmful patterns. It’s about learning what happened, forgiving yourself and others (whatever is needed), and healing your soul so that you can move forward into your amazing life here and now!

The power of past lives can wreak havoc upon us during this lifetime, but thanks to amazing techniques such as past life regression, we can go back and take care of business. We can heal our past so that it doesn’t haunt us any longer.

I have developed a program to help YOU do just that! I call it Journey Of The Soul, as it will do just that. You will be lead into several past lives through regression so that you may begin to release the past. It is time to be free my friend, don’t you agree? But that’s not all! I have included several amazing meditations to help you begin to manifest the beautiful and amazing life you were meant to be living. We are all worthy of a beautiful life and I’m here to help you step in to yours!

If you are ready for radical change then you are ready for Journey Of The Soul!

I can’t wait to connect with you…

– Julia

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