Are You Feeling The Shift Too?

I hope this finds you moving gracefully and easily into your amazing and fabulous new story.

I’ve been moving into my own. That is for certain!

I had no idea that just a few years ago I would be gracing the digital land of podcasting (my podcast is listed as one of podbean’s most popular… WOW), coaching amazing clients one-on-one, teaching groups online who seek to shift in massive ways, and even turn my hair platinum blonde. Oh yes, my transformation has been so BIG that I changed my hair color and am in the process of changing my entire wardrobe, accessories… well pretty much everything. And as if that wasn’t enough I am now taking many of my soul siblings to the magical land of Angel Valley in Sedona, Arizona, where my bless-ed awakening began for me.

Oh yes, my life has changed in dramatic ways over the past few years. And let me be honest here…

I have been scared.

I have had doubts.

I have battled those f*cked up stories (aka, limiting beliefs).

We all have them you know. It’s not like you make it to your next level and they just stop coming up. Oh no, quite the opposite. As I uplevel my soul, my business, my purpose, those silly stories still creap in. But what I have started to notice is that they don’t last near as long as they used to. I have learned to recognize my ego voice (that lies to me on the daily) so much quicker. We have frequent conversations mind you! But not the way we used to. These days, I acknowledge it. I even listen to it. But that’s as far as it goes for me.

When those lies start once again, I write them down. I look at the belief that is the underlying cause of it. I deep dive into “where in the BLEEP did this come from.” I thank it for showing up as I truly want to heal it all. Next, I reframe it. I decide what sounds better. What do I want my new thought, belief, story to be? I journal about it over and over if I have to until I feel the vibration of it. And I don’t stop until I feel it to my core, my soul. That’s what the universe is listening to ya know. And since I know that is truth, I’m not about to send anymore stories that I I’m not proud to be the author of.

So much is happening within and around me and I am grateful for it all! I know god has mighty things in store for me. For all of us! And I can honestly say that I have finally tapped into it all. I get it. I’m flowing with it. And since I’m in that ebb and flow, knowing that there are no boundaries or limits to what god / universe / angels / guides / my spiritual team / and ME can do, I have opened the floodgates to abundance in my life.

As I continue to move up that spiritual ladder I feel so blessed to be able to help you do the same. I recently found my wings! (And I mean that both literally AND figuratively). I mean I can feel them and see them (in my mind’s eye). Life is amazing, gorgeous, and so much f*cking fun! I wish nothing but all of it for you too.

We were created to live abundant lives every single day. God took care of it all! It’s time we remove the blinders, embrace love, and welcome the abundance that is our birthright! I’ve been calling it the Destiny Train. It’s leaving the station my friend. It’s time to get on board!

For now, I am sending massive love & light to YOU. I am asking your angels and guides to life you up, hold you tight, and help you move into the abudance that’s always been waiting just for you!

I have some new events coming up if you want to take a peek. I’m here for you as you do your own spiritual upleveling sweet soul sibling! It’s time to allow EASY…

Oh, and yes, so many changes include updated website with pics of me and my blonde hair. It’s a process of love! Everything is a-changin’!!


Upcoming Events:

7/14 & 7/15 – My 2-Day LIVE Online Event! (10am EST – 6pm EST both days)

 Mediumship / Angel Intuitive Certification Course

Embrace your spiritual gifts with grace & ease! We will be meeting face-to-face online. I will take you through several transformational lessons, meditations, and exercises to help you move into your amazing gifts. There will be ample time to meet and practice with your soul siblings taking the course with you. And let me tell you that YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO THIS…. AMAZINGLY WELL. Everyone who has ever taken my 2-Day Course was doing readings on the second day. And not just mediocre or pain-stakingly difficult readings. They were easy peasy & A-MAZING! If you pay in full you will receive a special gift I am having created just for you (I have one myself). There is also a payment plan if you want to hop in that way.

Full Pay $444 – CLICK HERE!

Payment Plan $122 X 4 monthly payments (once per month) – CLICK HERE!

9/13 – 9/17 – Pilgrimage To Sedona – Returning To Love 

We will be staying in magical Angel Valley! I will be sending another email soon with details but I wanted to let you know now as people who listen to my podcast (where I have mentioned my retreat and talk about Angel Valley often) are already signing up. There are only 10 spots left and I didn’t want you to miss out on this magical opportunity! If you wish to discuss the details you can reach me at 570-955-3594. Leave me a message with the best time to call you back (with your time zone). Cost is $2222 per person (double occupancy). I am offering $200 off if you pay in full. I also have a payment plan of $1111 which is due upon signing up, with the remainder of $1111 due by July 13th. Whether you pay in-full or use the payment plan, THIS IS NON-REFUNDABLE! So be certain before signing up.

Here is what is included with your payment:  Room, all meals, and all arranged group activities at Angel Valley.

What is not included: Any activities & meals outside of Angel Valley (you will have some time to explore downtown Sedona if you wish), travel to Angel Valley, trip insurance.

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