The Children Are Our Future

I held my first Kid’s Class a few weeks ago:  Connecting With Your Angels.  I had several youngsters between the ages of six and twelve that attended the class with one of their parents.  It was a magical time to say the least.

I began the class by talking about the angels:  who they are, how they can help us, and the many signs they give us, letting us know they are near.  I got tickled several times as I looked around and saw all of the children’s eyes staring right back at me.  The parents were very attentive as well lol.

The group was obviously taking everything in! I told the children how the angels are able to send us signs, letting us know that they are around. Some of the examples I shared with the kids were the angel’s ability to send us feathers, coins, orbs, rainbows, butterflies, birds, and even faces in the clouds.

The children shared of their own experiences and listened closely as each other spoke.  It was amazing to watch the connections being made in that very special room.  I talked a bit about Archangel Michael and how he could help each of them, and gave them all a laminated picture of him to take home.  I told them about guardian angels and that they each had their very own angels who had been assigned to them since birth.  “Your guardian angels have always been with you and will never leave your side.  You couldn’t get rid of them if you tried,” I said.  Their eyes were so big and their smiles were priceless as they learned that they had their very own angels.

We took a short break and the families were instructed to pick “angel messages” from a bowl that I had placed in the room.  Everyone seemed to take their time reaching in to the bowl as if they were trying to get just the right one.  They shared their messages with each other and the children grinned from ear to ear, validating that they had gotten just the message they needed to hear.  After the short break, I told everyone to get ready for a meditation.  “During the meditation, you are going to be meeting with your guardian angels in an enchanted garden where you will be asking them their names,” I said.  They each hurried over to their spots, some sitting on their meditation pillows and others laying down on the mats they had brought.  The group got so still in such a short period of time. It was obvious they were eager to connect with their angels!

I began the meditation and guided the group into an enchanted garden where I had them envision their guardian angel coming through a gate and walking towards them.  I told them to take their angel by the hand and begin walking through the garden, taking in all of the beauty that was around them.  Next, I told them to picture themselves as a beautiful light.  “Whatever color or colors you picture is perfect for you.”  I told them that their light was a healing light and that it helped others, everywhere they went.  “You make people feel better just by being around them. Your light helps everyone,” I said.

I went on to tell the group to envision their light being left everywhere.  “Picture your light being left at school, at the playground, the grocery store, at your friend’s house.  Everywhere you go, you leave your light to help others, and as you do this, the light within YOU just gets brighter and brighter.”  It was so precious to watch these little lightworkers laying so still in meditation.  I sat quietly and gazed around the room.  “What an amazing group of light workers,” I thought to myself.  I celebrated their magnificence in silence and thanked God and the angels for the opportunity to be a part of something so wonderful.

After the meditation, we went around the room as each child shared what had happened for them.  It was such a moving experience, to listen to these little lightworkers talk about what they had seen.  I gave each child a big piece of poster board and told them to color anything they had seen during the meditation.  They all gathered crayons and began coloring their masterpieces.  It just about brought tears to my eyes as I watched what they had seen come to life on paper.  Every single child had something to draw.  They each had at least one angel in their picture and several drew pictures of themselves holding hands with their angel.  There were a couple of pictures where the children colored in little footprints behind them.  When I asked what they were, they said “that’s my light that I’m leaving for others, to help them.”  Talk about tugging at my heart strings!

It was a magical day.  And the magic wasn’t just in what the kids learned or what they saw during meditation.  It was magical because they made a connection……with each other. They found others, their own age, who were having similar experiences.  And it was magical because they were able to tap into that inner child, that soul that believes without limitations.  They were able to imagine and envision anything and everything without their ego getting in the way.  We were all those imaginative kids at one time.  We came into this world with a clear connection with God, the angels, the Universe.  We all had the ability to believe, without a doubt, that there was so much more than this.  Life begins, and we start having human experiences; some pleasant and wonderful, others not so much.  With each fearful thought, our connection grows more distant, until one day, we feel lost, alone, and sometimes even isolated.  Our ego is now running the show, and we have forgotten what it’s like to truly BELIEVE.

I felt so blessed to have spent that morning with the kids.  Just being around them and experiencing their innocence reminded me that life had gotten way to serious.  It was time for me to tap into my own inner child and let her shine like never before.  It was time to play and laugh, gaze at the clouds, and blow bubbles once again.  You might even spot me driving around town.  If you see bubbles coming out of a sunroof, it just might be me :).

I know the angels are urging me to step up as a leader for the children, to help them step into their power and never lose their sense of wonder.  I am answering the call.  I have decided to begin a series of classes for kids, and will be posting them on my website and in future newsletters.  The angels have already given me so many ideas that I had to start writing them down so I wouldn’t forget.  I really see this growing and believe it will be BIG in no time.  The children are our future and I’m ready to help them on their journey any way that I can.  I feel there are so many parents who are seeking something different for their children; something that will help them be a light to the world.  I applaud you, parents, for allowing your child to step into their own power and for supporting them as they find their way.

I had a dream the other night where I was standing in front of a panel of my guides. Although I couldn’t see their faces, I knew they were beings that I had known before in Heaven or perhaps another lifetime.  They were telling me things and teaching me things, most of which I couldn’t remember when I woke.  I do, however, remember something they kept saying over and over:  “You are here to teach the Lightworkers.”  I know what that means, and I am ready.

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