Team Halo “Helping Angels Live On”

We are a group of children and adults dedicated to helping the world by doing random acts of kindness.  We are dedicated to helping others and animals in any way that we can.  We are all attuned to Reiki and offer healing to those in need.

Sam the Horse was actually dying from Lyme Disease.  His owner refused to get treatment as it is so very expensive to treat horses. Team Halo worked on Sam on two separate occasions and Julia attuned him to Reiki so that he could continue with his own healing. We are happy to announce that Sam healed very quickly over a three-month period and was adopted by a new owner.

He is now competing in statewide competitions and is doing remarkably well! We knew you could do it Sam! We love you!!

Here is Team Halo giving Reiki and a lot of love to Sam.

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