The Importance of Being Spiritually Aligned

If you have been experiencing some crazy shifts whether physically, emotionally, spiritually… (you know what I mean)…


Seriously! You are being guided. Perhaps away from what no longer serves you.

We are at a point in our journey, collectively, where we really must tune in, listen, and follow any and all guidance. If we aren’t doing those very things, things might feel pretty rough. I know this all too well as I was just given one of the biggest wake-up calls I’ve ever had.

I’d love to share it with you…

As some of you know, I recently began a monthly membership for adults, The BLC (Badass Lightworkers Club). I was really excited about getting it started but I’ll be honest, something inside of me felt uneasy. Something wasn’t right. But instead of listening to those intuitive hits, I decided to push through it all. I wasn’t listening to my heart and THAT meant that I wasn’t in the flow. I began to “paddle upstream” as one of my dear mentors like to say (Wayne Dyer for those who want to know). And since I was paddling upstream against the current (what I realized recently), instead of pulling my oars in and going with the flow, things were difficult. There were many problems with getting the member site up and running. People weren’t receiving emails. It was a struggle and it began to take its toll on me and the group.

On January 10th to be exact, I had a mini (not so mini) breakdown. I call it a “breakdown” because that’s exactly what it felt like at the time. But what happened at the end of that breakdown was one of the clearest breakthroughs I have ever experienced. I have said it before, it felt like I was being birthed! But this time was different. It was more painful, both physically & emotionally, and it forced me to let go of everything, everything I believed, everything I thought I knew. I was forced to get closer to god than I have been in quite some time. I’m still on that journey just like all of you, learning and growing as I move up that spiritual ladder.

As I cried and prayed for guidance I was met by Jesus and Archangel Michael. I call on them often and believe me, I called out to them then. I asked them, “What am I missing?” Oh! And I just about forgot to tell you that right before I went to bed that night (before I lost it) I was stumbling around in the dark and ran into my dresser, which has a beautifully framed picture of a young woman sitting on a bench with her guardian angel whispering in her ear. Her angel is trying to guide her but she is not listening. As I ran into my dresser, it came tumbling to the ground and broke into pieces. I knew exactly what they were trying to tell me. I HAD NOT BEEN LISTENING. (For real, you just can’t make this stuff up!)

So as I lay in bed sobbing and asking Jesus and Archangel Michael to help me, I began to hear them loud and clear. I promise to tell you all of the juicy details in a later podcast. Here’s the link if you’ve never listened, but one of the big take-aways of our conversation was that I was not in alignment. I have a BIG VISION, you see, of opening a spiritual retreat here in Northeast Pennsylvania. I have always dreamed of children coming from all walks of life to meet, find their soul family, get super connected to their spiritual team, and realize just how amazing they are. I’ve had this dream for many years now and I receive god winks that I’m on the right path quite often. Those winks, however, had sort of slowed down over the past several months. I didn’t realize why until I literally had my “come to Jesus” talk.

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And that talk was crystal clear. Jesus was straight up (and super loving of course). He pointed out all of the things that I was doing that weren’t in alignment with my big vision. He so gently reminded me that I needed to focus on that which I wish to manifest. The children. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. A sort of “knowing” what I needed to do. And the universe had been trying to get my attention for weeks. One pretty cool wink, that I didn’t understand until this chat with Jesus, was that my phone would always open up directly to YouTube when I unlocked it. I wouldn’t even click on the icon and it would go immediately there. This happened for over two weeks. Sometimes it would suddenly click onto YouTube when I was checking other things, like email and such. I had no idea that it was all leading me to my next step.

Get in complete alignment with your hopes & dreams!

Because if you aren’t they won’t ever come.

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For now, I’m sending you massive love and light! May you get completely aligned with what you want to call into your life, and may your amazing god-winks show up as you do…​​​​​​​

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