Past Life Regression

As a certified past life regression specialist, I have had the privilege of helping many clients visit past lives. I just can’t say enough about the miracles that can occur with past life regression. I have witnessed numerous clients heal emotional wounds and even illnesses and disease that have plagued them during their lifetime.

So many of us wander through life wondering where all of the good stuff is. We say things like, “Why can’t I manifest the good stuff? Why do bad things always seem to happen to me? Am I cursed? Has God forgotten about me?” I’ve heard it all, and believe me, I’ve felt most of it at one point or another.

Our past lives can haunt us and can literally be running the show. And the crazy part is that we will have no idea. No idea, that is, until we go back to see what happened. Past life regression does just that. It allows us to visit past lives to learn lessons, uncover patterns, heal, and finally let go. With past life regression miracles can occur that once seemed impossible. Emotional scars can be mended, physical ailments healed, and spiritual wounds can be obliterated. When we learn what happened to us before, we are able to heal and let it go. Our soul gets healed and we are able to shine. That perfect life we envisioned for ourselves finally has a chance to come to fruition.

So just what is past life regression?

Past life regression is a technique used to take people back to past lives to uncover what happened before. Clients are guided to a relaxed state and guided to one or several past lives. It’s all up to the client as they are the one determining everything. As I tell my clients, “You are running the show. I am just acting as a guide to help you get there.”

I absolutely love to help clients through past life regression as it can reveal so much. Clients may receive clarity on many issues: relationships suddenly make sense; self-limiting beliefs and patterns come to light; and blocks to abundance, love, health, and happiness become clear. Clients are able to heal past wounds and lives can change instantly. As I like to say (and quite often do) at the end of a session, “Get ready for miracles!” They often just begin flooding in.

Past life regression is different for everyone. We all have the ability to sense things in our own unique way. Some feel things, some hear things, and some see things, while others just know things. When participating in past life regression, I always suggest to clients that they just be open to however they receive information during their session. I encourage them not to try to make sense of anything! We have all lived many lifetimes and sometimes when visiting past lives, our current lifetime will get intertwined somehow. It isn’t unusual for this to happen, so if it happens to you, just glide through it without any judgment.

There’s one really big point to make here! And I want to be very clear. You won’t experience any physical pain during the past life regression. You will, however, experience any emotional pain that occurred. That’s the whole point of doing the regression! Getting to the root of the current issue (whatever is happening this time around) has all to do with the emotional “stuff.” So while on your journey to the past, cry if you need to cry. Let it flow. Don’t hold it in any more. You’ve probably been doing it for far too long already.

I have been seeing clients in my home in Northeast Pennsylvania for several years now. I offer individual past life regression therapy as well as occasional groups. I also teach my Past Life Regression Intensive Course a couple of times per year. It’s a daylong course that is taught in a group setting. Participants are taken on several journeys including several past life regressions, healing meditations, and even progressions into the future. It is a day of epiphanies, aha-moments, and true miracles.

As I witnessed healing after healing I knew I needed to do more. I needed to offer my program to the masses. So I have finally done it! I have developed my program so that YOU can have the same amazing experience in the comfort of your own home! I call it Journey Of The Soul. You will be lead into several past lives through regression so that you may begin to release the past. I have also included several amazing meditations and progressions to help you begin to manifest the beautiful and amazing life you were meant to be living. We are all worthy of a beautiful life and I’m here to help you step in to yours!

If you are ready for radical change then you are ready for

Journey Of The Soul!

I can’t wait to connect with you…

– Julia

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