More Miraculous Signs From Heaven

I continue to be amazed by the miraculous ways that we can receive messages. The possibilites are truly unlimited and we can receive more miraculous signs from heaven than we could ever imagine. They can come in quite unique and surprising ways if we allow ourselves to be open to infinite possibilties. They can send feathers and coins, rainbows, and even faces in the clouds. They can even show up as a butterfly as one client’s dog, Indy, did.

I was doing a reading for a young girl named Jaden. She wanted desperately to connect with her dog Indy who had passed a few years before. Among many other loving messages, I told her that Indy came as an orange butterfly. As we walked out of my house and walked over to where Jaden’s mother had been waiting in the car, her mother stood outside taking pictures of a bush while yelling, “Hey, come look at this orange butterfly. It’s been flying around me this entire time!”

They might come as a particular scent, perhaps a favorite cologne, the scent of flowers, or a smelly old football jersey. You might even smell cigarette or cigar smoke when they are near, letting you know that they are still watching over everything. They might come as an orb in a picture or a sparkle of light that catches your glimpse for a brief moment. Some signs might be subtle, while others are placed right in plain view. I remember back when I was getting a reading one time with my mentor over the phone. Jackie mentioned that there was a hummingbird there with her and that it had shown up much earlier than it usually did. We both knew why it had come at that exact moment as she had just been telling me that my life was beginning to get filled up with so much joy. The hummingbird is a sign for that – “that more joy is coming your way.”

Jackie said something like, “Oh, there he goes,” explaining that the hummingbird had just flown away. As soon as she had uttered the last word, a hummingbird landed on my feeder at my back door. We laughed as we realized that there just was no end to the magic that they could make happen.

Some people have specific signs that they get over and over from their guides to let them know they’re on the right path and that they are being guided every step of the way. For me, my sign is hearts. I mean, I find them everywhere! I find heart rocks almost daily and have collected hundreds over the years. I finally had to stop picking them up because I was running out of places to put them. Sometimes, if I need a little pick-me-up, I ask the angels for a sign and say something like, “I’d like to find a heart rock today.” Before you know it, I’ve stumbled across one. But rocks aren’t the only way I receive my heart messages. One day, behind my house, I was taking pictures of some of the beautiful icicles that formed along the river’s edge when suddenly, I felt the presence of fairies. I asked the fairies to give me a sign that they were there, as I bent down to take a picture of the beautiful icicles. After returning home and uploading my pictures to my computer, I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I saw a heart icicle, which is what I like to call what’s in the picture above.

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