Listening To Your Intuition

“Hey, it’s me.  Are you listening? I’ve been trying to get your attention, give you signs, guide you through this, if only you could hear me.  You busy yourself with this and that, never allowing your mind to become quiet.  I continue to give you gentle nudges; nudges towards what will bring you more joy, more happiness, more peace.  I see you struggle and I want desperately to help you.  If only you could hear me.  We were close once.  I miss the connection we once had.  I am here for you.  I am here when you’re ready to listen.  I love you .”
– Your Intuition

Our intuition is such a powerful thing, if only we could learn to tune in and listen whole heartedly all of the time.  What is your intuition trying to tell you? Is it telling you to make changes? Take a leap of faith? Leave a relationship, or perhaps begin a new one? Declutter your home and/or life? Take a break? Move? If you’re not sure what the word “intuition” really means, think of it as that gentle, loving voice that just won’t go away.  It’s that gut feeling, idea, notion, or even epiphany that comes to you.  Your intuition tries desperately to guide you, often putting people, places, and things in your path to help you on your journey.  Signs may be subtle or they may hit you like a ton of bricks.  Sometimes we need those more forceful nudges don’t ya think?

My life changed in so many ways when I decided to allow my intuition to guide me instead of my ego.  As time goes by, and I continue to lean on my own intuition, my messages become louder and clearer.  Tuning into, and trusting your intuition can sometimes take time.  Just like any other “practice” such as yoga and meditation, learning to tune into your own intuition may seem difficult for those who are so used to second-guessing everything.  We refuse to do anything for fear of making a mistake.  We often need to know the final outcome before making any movement at all.  We become almost paralyzed by fear; fear of making the wrong decision, when often the act of making NO decision, is ultimately the wrong decision.  Our intuition is that direct connection with God.  It is that Divine guidance that our souls recognize.  The more we tune in, listen, and trust what we are receiving, the easier it becomes to recognize that loving voice; the easier it becomes to step away from fear.  As we listen and take action, we open the floodgates to unlimited possibilities.

Over the past few months, I have been receiving my own “gentle nudges.”  I have been receiving guidance that it is time to get away and “finish what I started.”  I have been working on a book for the past year or so and have found it difficult to devote the time needed to get it finished.  I would have never thought that I would write anything, but I have found such joy in writing about my life and how my abilities came to surface, as well as the amazing and miraculous ways your loved ones let you know they are near.  My intuition has been trying to get my attention for quite some time now, and it’s time for me to listen.  I will be renting a cottage in Lenox, Massachusetts for the next several weeks.   Although I plan to focus much of my time on writing, I will still be available for readings by phone and via Skype.  If you find that you are in need of connecting with your loved ones, angels, and guides, please now that I am available.  If you’ve never experienced a reading by phone, I can assure you that they are just as amazing as readings done in person.  I read several clients from all over the country on a regular basis.  Your loved ones, angels, and guides don’t have any blocks and neither do I.  If you wish to schedule an appointment in-person, I would suggest that you book it online so that you can get in as soon as possible, as I have already started scheduling appointments for June and July.

I wish you all the very best as we roll into Spring.  Enjoy the many blessings that you have been given and be open for so many more that are headed your way.  Take time to be still, meditate, or just walk outside.  Tune into your own intuition and see what it has been trying to tell you all along.  Trust it, and ask the angels to help you move forward fearlessly.

Sending All My Love…….



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