How To Stay In The Light During Mercury Retrograde

We are in yet another time of Mercury Retrograde. It’s when Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky. Many claim that when this happens things may go awry in our lives, particularly in the areas of communication, travel and technology.

Mercury Retrograde used to be quite a tumultuous time for me. I would begin to feel uneasy shifts in the energy around me and would begin the whole “Oh shit, here it comes again” talk inside my head. I didn’t realize that I was actually adding negative energy (aka, lower vibrations) to the whole thing. I thought I was doomed for a “bad three weeks” each and ever time it rolled around. And I can attest that I usually was. But I was creating all of the chaos. I know that now and I want to help you stop the nonsense as well.

We have wounds…all of us! We have many and they may stem from this lifetime or past lifetimes. Whatever the case may be, they are often buried deep, and for some reason they begin to come to the surface during Mercury Retrograde. We may feel emotional, begin missing those from our past, feel confused, agitated, pissed off. You get the drift! I’m sure you may be experiencing some, if not all of those things right now. Well I have come to the rescue! Or at least I can offer you some ways to try and make this time a little easier for YOU and those around you ;). I have learned to rely on that which makes me calmer, more connected, and at peace, and I can honestly say that when Mercury goes Retrograde, it just doesn’t seem to affect me like it used to. So here are some things that I do each and every day. And when I say EVERY DAY, I mean that I do it every single day. You can play soothing music while you practice the following tips but it is not needed. It works even when done in silence and only takes a few minutes of your time.

1) Begin each morning by taking a moment to connect with the Light above. Watch as it fills your body, clearing out any crap that you might have absorbed from others (or your own negative thoughts). Watch it move through you and around you all the way to your feet. Then imagine the light traveling to the center of the Earth where it picks up even more loving and healing energy. Imagine that light moving back up from the Earth and into your feet, moving all the way up to the top of your head and into the realms above. You are now a channel between Heaven and Earth, a channel of pure love and light.

2) Imagine your Light being so bright and expanding out from your heart and surrounding your body. It feels amazing! Then imagine sending that Light out into your day. You are blessing YOUR DAY. Imagine whatever it is that you need: blessings of love, joy, compassion, kindness, health, money, laughter, energy……..whatever it is that you need.

3) Now imagine that your Light is so powerful that you can send that amazing energy to those who come across your path. I often imagine different people in my life and send beams of Light to them, blessing them with pure love and light. Sometimes I even say “I bless you with pure love and light.” It’s pretty powerful!

4) Go about your day and connect with the Light whenever you need to. Just close your eyes for a moment and picture it still coming from above and below, filling YOU up. Picture the Light surrounding you and permeating everyone and everything that you come in contact with you. I do this sometimes if something “funky” happens or I have an old thought or belief come up that seems to shift my energy. When I stop for a moment and “check in,” it always works immediately.

5) Be outside at least once every day. Mother Nature is a healer and being outside in nature will help to keep you calm, gounded, and connected. And you just might receive some messages from the animal kingdom or come across some cool heart rocks while you’re at it! 😉

6) Repeat steps 1 & 2 at night right before you go to sleep.

That’s it! That’s how I begin and end my day. Since adopting this practice each and every day, my life has changed in amazing ways. And it definitely has helped me begin to heal those wounds that are buried so deep. We all have them and we need to heal them. The next time you find yourself “losing it” because of those around you, remember that they have wounds too. We are magnificent souls having a human experience. We are here to learn lessons and heal old wounds. Do your part in making it easier for you and those around you. Stay connected to the Light so that you can continue to be a Light for others. I know it may not seem easy at times, but if you adopt a daily routine of connecting, clearing…. and shining, it will become like second nature.

Be gentle with yourself as you accept the lessons, learn from them, and heal from them. They only show up to make us better.

I love you so very much! And I am sending beams of pure love and light to YOU at this very moment.

May blessings shower over YOU and those YOU love from this moment on…

God Bless!


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