Finding Love Again After Losing A Soulmate

Finding love again after losing a soulmate can weigh heavy on the heart. Soulmates can mean different things to different people but for this post I am talking about our lovers, partners, and spouses. This is one of the most difficult relationships to heal from other than losing a child, at least from what I have experienced through my clients over the years. As clients pour their heart and soul out on to my table through endless tears it’s not uncommon for their love, who has crossed over, to come through with messages of “loving again.” Our loved ones in heaven want nothing less than complete happiness for us here on earth. They strive to help us heal and send signs and messages to help us on our way. But they also want us to love again. They don’t want us to be alone. And the kicker…they are often the one choosing our next soulmate, at least they want to be. I mean who knows you better right?

“I’ll bring you the next best”

No matter the circumstances I can guarantee you that your beloved is not only okay with you finding another soulmate, but they will help in the process. All you need to do is let them know when you’re ready. And I want to assure you that they do not feel like you’re cheating on them or that you don’t love them anymore. That is so far from the truth! They know you love them and they return that love back to you. They want to help you as you continue your journey here on earth. They want to help you meet the perfect person! So when you’re ready (and there are no rules on how long that should be), call on your beloved to help you find the next perfect person for you. It’s funny, as I write that, I recall telling several clients that exact same thing only for their beloved to come through with things like, “I’ll bring you the next best.” It’s never a dull moment in my world.

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Sending love to YOU!

Many Blessings,
xo Julia


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