Do You Know What Your Destiny Is?

It’s been quite a ride this year and I am reminded daily of God’s amazing love. He sends so many winks my way whether by way of signs in mother nature, magical messages from my angels, or ideas that come to me out of the blue. It truly is remarkable how when we get aligned with God’s love & light, everything becomes so very clear.

If you listen to my podcast (link below) you have heard me talk about the “destiny train.” It’s the term I use to describe what this year is all about. God has made it very clear. And everyone who does similar work to mine, whether astrology or channeled messages, is saying the same thing. THIS IS THE TIME. The time to decide what you want and to go after it all without hesitation. I have been feeling the momentum building for the past several weeks and it’s just something we can no longer ignore. It’s a calling. A deep “knowing” that we are here to not just do more, but to expect more. So much more.

Let me elaborate on that if you’ve got a second…

We were born for greatness!   Ahhhhhhmmmm…

Let me say it one more time just in case you did’t quite hear me the first time.


We weren’t born to just get by, to settle, to hope to be saved from it all some day. Not at all. We were born to remember who we are, that divine light created from God’s light & love. We were born to never stop dreaming and to remember the magic of it all. You know, all that stuff about angels, fairies and unicorns that we knew so much about as kids? Somewhere along the way we forgot about it all. We forgot about the magic. Life got busy. And for some of us, it got downright hard.

It’s time to turn it all around! And there’s no time like TODAY.

YOU have all the power. You just forgot somehow. And if I know anything, I know that I am here to help so many people wake the fuck up! Oh yes, there I go again with the word. I use it a lot. In my writings, podcast, in life… when I feel like it. I never use it in a derogatory way but I do use it to get your attention. Now please don’t write me any hate mail about my “foul language.” I won’t read it. I stopped being a people pleaser long ago. If you don’t like the way I say things, just take yourself off my my list. It’s that simple.

So are you living the dream? Are you moving towards your destiny? And do you know what that even is? Do you know what God wants you to do? To be? Because I do. And I’m going to spell it out for you loud and clear so that you will know exactly what you are supposed to be moving towards.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

OK! You asked for it.

Your destiny, according to God’s divine plan, is this…




That’s your destiny. For real! It’s not rocket science. It’s super simple.

Do more of what makes you happy and less of what doesn’t!

My life changed in miraculous ways when I finally decided to do what makes me happy, instead of trying to make everyone else happy. It is so freeing, I promise! And it’s time you start doing it too. Stop being a people pleaser. Start doing what you want to do!

One thing that makes me SUPER happy is teaching others to do what I do. I’m filled with so much joy as I witness one transformation after another. And the fun part is when my students really come to terms with how truly amazing they are. That they can do it all. That they always could. They just needed someone to remind them, and for my students that person was me. I signed up for this. I chose to wake others up. I chose to remind them of their divinity. And I would have it no other way.

I hope this message helps you realize what your journey is all about. It’s about finding your way to happiness. That’s the vibe the world needs right now. And the more of us that step into that vibration, the more the world will begin to change. I can promise you that! I have seen so many shift just by shifting my own vibration. It’s one of my super powers. And it can be yours too!

I begin teaching a new course this week. It’s for the healers out there who are ready to step into their role as a healer, and for those who are already doing the healing work but wish to kick it up a notch. I’m all about tapping into the divine and seeing things through God’s eyes. That’s when the miracles happen! And that’s when we become miracle facilitators. Perhaps you’d like to be one too? If so, take a peek at this link to get an idea of just how I plan to help YOU become a miracle facilitator like me. It’s going to be EPIC!

I am only teaching this course once per year so if feel the calling get in now! Don’t waste any more time. Don’t make any more excuses. It’s time to get on that destiny train my friend. It’s time to do what makes you happy!

For now, I’m asking your massive team of angels, guides and beings of light to help you embrace your true calling. I’m asking them to bring you so much love, joy and unlimited prosperity. May you move into a space of allowing, receiving, and embracing everything amazing!

May you find joy in your journey from this point forward. And may you know just how much you are loved.

God bless YOU!

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