Simple Exercises That Tap into Your Creative Side

Despite what you believe, you are creative!

As kids we had no issue using our imagination and creative spirit. But, then we grew up…more “important” things took priority… only to divert us away from the painting, coloring & the clever genius of our ingenuity.

My latest podcast talks about how the simplest exercise can get you in the creative zone. It shouldn’t intimidate you – everyone can stimulate this important component to your practice by simply coloring. Listen and try it!

Tapping into our creative side regularly as adults is so beneficial to our success. When we are NOT creating, we are NOT fully in the flow of the universe. When we tap into the creative being inside each of us, it opens doors to new ideas, friends, money & fun! The rewards that come from creativity also has a calming effect for many of us as well. We get out of our heads & take a break from the incessant anxiety of “to do” lists.

Sometimes I use Life Purpose Cards at the close of my mediumship readings. Recently, one young lady chose a card that symbolized being creative – as a life purpose! Many adults will balk at this idea since they feel it no longer applies. But, I am here to remind you that this is an integral part of your spiritual being as a whole!

You don’t have to invest in an art course to hone this skill. In fact, I encourage many folks to simply start doodling, drawing symbols, or coloring in your journals, vision books or literally coloring books. You have an innate child who is resourceful & has no fear of expressing original ideas inside of you. That youthful spirit has no problem taking a risk which might expose their talent.

Now you say to me “Julia, I can’t even draw stick figures.” And I respond to you “That is ok!”. Simply start by drawing an infinity symbol (a figure eight which is horizontal). Trace it with different color pens or colored pencils. Do it again & then do it some more. Allow your mind to absorb the beauty of inspiration. Just because it has been a while since you last colored does not mean you have forgotten how.

Here are some feasible suggestions to get you started on your way to Creative Genius:

1. Look at an object and scribble its outlines and shapes in your vision book. Color with markers in a Mandala coloring book, or paint a rock & leave it for someone else to find!

2. Cooking (not a chore, something new), Gardening, Writing, Photography (use your smart phone to start), Jewelry making (You tube videos galore on this subject), collage making using paper, scissors, tape/glue of vision boards.

3. Playing with kids outside (using their imagination), Adult Game Night (laughing & competitiveness spur on the creativeness), an Escape Room Outing (exchanging ideas in this case will lead you to a broader imagination of what is possible).

If you can do any of these things outside – bonus! Being creative among the quiet of nature sparks creativity and inspired thought.

Now get to it. Your inner child awaits!

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