This Is How I Make It Easier To Let Go Of Stuff

I am in the middle of yet another amazing Spiritual Bootcamp and the energy in the tribe is truly amazing!

I wanted to share a quick little something in the hopes that it might help you as you move forward in this beautiful thing called life.

The group is currently working on decluttering their homes, businesses, cars, and lives. This is just a few days of my four week program and it can sometimes be the most difficult. We tend to resist letting go of “stuff” as it is what has kept us safe thus far. Our “stuff” defines us, or at least we think it does. It’s all of the things we have accumulated over the years, some sentimental, some worth money, and some is just junk. Whatever the reason for holding on, I can assure you that the “stuff” is holding you down.

I have been diligent about getting rid of the old, but as this bootcamp is moving forward with such crazy awesome momentum, I realized that I still had some work to do. There is one room in my basement where I have been holding on to all of my angel stuff. My books, posters that I’m not using right now, statues…you get my drift. It just sits in this room stacked neatly or housed in boxes. It’s been there for awhile. I knew today was the day to release it once and for all.

As I sifted through all of the beautiful things, both old and new, so many memories began to come flooding in. There was my very first angel book, the one that introduced me to my beloved team. There was my first chakra wall hanging, delicately hand painted on beautiful cloth. It was in perfect condition, still wrapped up in it’s container. I had never hung it on the wall but I had no problem remembering where I had purchased it, on one of my life-changing trips to Sedona.

As I placed things in boxes to donate I realized how much I had changed. I was no longer feeling sad about donating this beautiful things. I felt JOY! I began envisioning the people who would buy these items at the thrift store I was donating them to. I pictured their faces as they perhaps found items they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. I saw little girl’s faces as they discovered an angel or fairy statue perfect for their room. It truly made my heart sing.

So I just wanted to share something amazing that happened to me today. Instead of it all being about me, I turned things around. I found a way to infuse joy into the situation. And I will be spreading love and joy to others when they purchase my things. Oh, and something I do just for fun… I say a prayer and infuse all of the items that I donate with healing energy. I ask the angels to help everyone who receives something of mine to be filled with love, joy and peace. I can envision them healing even now!

What are you holding on to? What is weighing you down? Just think of all the joy you could be sharing by allowing someone else to treasure one of your treasures. It is magical my friend! Letting go of your stuff just might be what you need to be instantly infused with JOY. That’s what happened to me today and I am so very grateful.

Sending massive love to you as you declutter your life.


xo Julia

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