12 Steps to Un-blocking Your Super Power

What’s Your Super Power?

We are moving into new energy, friends. It’s TIME to acknowledge the magic inside of you!

Sometimes life is full of surprises. Surprising yourself by your own strength is something to celebrate!

For example, moving my parents back to Kansas from Pennsylvania was an intense and rewarding experience… LOT’S of heavy decision making and heavy lifting…both mentally and physically.

I’m surprised by my own strength because I really stepped up to make calm and confident decisions (I can never make a wrong decision, right? RIGHT!)

I’m now convinced I DO have badass super powers. This revelation has led me to ask you all… What’s your super power?

I’ve been reminded of 12 ways you can access those wicked cool parts of you that have been all blocked up:

1. Shake off the bad habits for good.
2. Knock off the fear, procrastination & limiting beliefs by pushing the cancel/clear/delete button when fearful thoughts creep into your mind.
3. Drop your expectations of others fulfilling your needs and desires.
4. Think this when you want to control or save someone, “I do not know what is best for everyone else.”
5. Concentrate on yourself and the quest for your own bad-ass-ness above all else.
6. Try something new / different – This could be something as simple as changing your routine physical workouts.
8. Allow yourself a morning without an alarm clock or phone.
9. Look for the signals and signs the Universe sends you to validate that you are in alignment. Numbers, feathers & “that’s interesting” moments. #godwinks
11. Listen to those who came before you. Listen to the echoes of their examples.
12. Believe that all of us have a massive team who are only a breath away that we can always call on.

Instant manifestation comes when you claim your super power.

Say “I can have anything and everything that I want!”

Find your passion! Claim your power! Rise up!

XO Julia

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