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Love Notes

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The Whole Program Is Brilliantly Put Together

When I first heard Julia’s podcast on iTunes – Stepping Into the Light – I quickly became intrigued and I found myself always looking forward to what she had to say each week. During her podcast, she offered her bootcamp at a discounted price. I thought I would give it a try not knowing exactly what to expect. What I found was far more than I had ever expected! I quickly realized that this was a phenomenal experience that everyone can benefit from.

I paid $97, and knowing what I know now, I would have easily paid thousands to feel and think the way I do now! Julia’s spiritual bootcamp was exactly what I’ve been searching for.

Julia has awakened me to live my life to the fullest potential, giving me hope when I was seeing darkness, and providing skills that will last a lifetime. She calls herself a medium and angel intuitive but she is so much more than that. Words cannot describe but she is truly a godsend! Every daily lesson builds on one another, and every lesson feels like she is speaking directly to me. Every day of bootcamp is so meaningful, useful, and transformative.

There is a private Facebook group where I have gotten to know my soul family. It is a place where I am able to discuss my journey with others going through the bootcamp. This is such an important part of the process, as I don’t have much of a spiritual support group. So being able to share and express my feelings in a safe place, seeing others respond in such a loving way, seeing myself and others transform, and reading about how others are changing their lives in miraculous ways is just another fantastic part of the program.

I also took advantage of her mini-readings, offered only to those of us in bootcamp. I was such an extraordinary experience.  She made sure I was on the right track and brought through several messages I needed to hear, which is yet another huge value added to her program.

The whole program is brilliantly put together and if you are thinking about trying it… DO IT… before Julia realizes just how much her program is worth!!!!


When I found Julia, I was in an eddy. A big one. I had been sick with Lyme disease for ten years, was basically living like a hermit and, though I was reasonably happy and content, my life lacked passion and bliss. I was overthinking EVERYTHING…and paralyzed by it all. One day I was driving down the road, listening to one of Julia’s many fabulous podcasts, and I realized she’s an actual human person… who could help me.

I was pretty sure I needed what she had to teach, so I jumped online and scheduled an appointment so we could talk. Two minutes into the call I knew…this was important. I’ll admit, I was overwhelmed by the cost and really had no clue how I was going to make it happen. She was starting one of her Spiritual Bootcamps the following week and it just felt so perfect to be able to begin my private coaching at the same time as Bootcamp. So, I sacrificed something I had been saving up for and took the plunge. Three months into my private coaching, I can say that the decision has been one of the best of my life! And the money invested has been worth every penny…and then some.

I’m an artist. At least I now consider myself one. Before Julia, I painted as a hobby, selling a couple of paintings here and there, but all of it was pretty mellow. Working with Julia and going through the steps of Bootcamp, I realized art is a huge deal in my life and for me at a soul level. I heal others through my work, helping women and men find their “juicy” and experience themselves as sensual, luscious beings of love and life. I literally stepped into my own light.

I was offered a studio at a local artist communist, asked to do a solo show, and received my first commission. I joined Instagram and am rapidly collecting followers getting my work out on the global market. No way would I have had the confidence to put myself out there EVERYDAY, to own my own abilities and dream BIG without Julia’s support and coaching. The best part? That’s hard because there are so many, but I’d definitely say that by accepting my creative gifts and pursuing them with passion I am no longer plagued by my Lyme symptoms and no longer have crippling panic attacks. I can go anywhere and feel like I have a right to be there, that who I am and what I have to say are important. Whoa. Even better? I’m OK with someone thinking the opposite. I’m in the flow, I know my truth and I revel in it. Best thing ever.

Julia and I have done readings, past life regressions, meditations and a myriad of other exercises and practices that have each allowed me reclaim the parts of me that were broken. I never thought I’d be in love with life again. I definitely never thought I’d be able to love myself like I now do. I reek of joy and confidence and meet each day knowing it’s going to be amazing. And each day is. No lie. It’s absolutely wonderful!


Julia is an amazing Angel, and someone that everyone should have in their life!! Julia’s course arrived at a time when my life couldn’t have been more hectic and really, quite stressful. What honestly helped me get through it all was her daily writings of inspirations, videos, and meditations!! To add to this, her voice is so calming, and she is actually very entertaining too!! I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Julia and can’t recommend her to everyone highly enough!!  I’ve also had a psychic/medium reading with Julia in the past, which was equally amazing and helped guide me on my path here on earth. We even discovered one of my totem animals!! All I can say is… connect with Julia in whatever way you can at the moment; you will definitely not regret it!! 

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Download my FREE meditations and shift out of the old and into a higher vibration of love, joy, and peace. My small simple steps can start to shift things in big ways.
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