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To all Spiritual Explorers, Divinity seekers and Transformation Junkies who have had the great karmic fortune to land on this page ... Welcome to my Dojo.
Meet Julia

I’m Julia Treat and I am an intuitive, a healer and a miracle facilitator.

Spirit comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s not one size fits all. I’m here to help you navigate your way thru this vast world of energy, to introduce you to some amazing beings of light and in the process give you some life-changing tools that will blow your mind.

Growing up a minister’s daughter you’d think these gifts were in my blood. But really they came to me much later.

I was at the pinnacle of my life. Happily married, great career as a speech pathologist, amazing friends. The works. I had it all on paper. I thought life was perfect only to find out that it wasn’t.

Right after 9/11 hit, my entire life did a 180. My marriage imploded, I developed a life-threatening disease, my career dissolved before my eyes, my friends disappeared and I hit rock bottom. I lost everything. I began to question what it all meant? What went wrong? Where did I go from here?

Broken and defeated with barely a penny to my name, I miraculously received the gift of a retreat in Sedona. I showed up waving the white flag. I was desperate and had hit rock bottom but I was willing to do anything to create change in my life. In a supportive circle of 40 people after a week of sweat lodge and meditation, I had a chance. Something in me shifted. I surrendered control and allowed myself to break down in a circle of complete strangers.

This moment was a profound turning point and the catalyst for a true shift. I came face to face with myself. I saw that the life I had been living was not my true life’s work but only a catalyst for the path I was about to begin. The Great Spirit had her way with me and things would never be the same. As I walked thru the desert the next day, in the stillness of the early morning light, I got very clear. I knew I had to continue this journey of self-exploration and when I returned home I went for it. No holds barred.

I threw myself fully into training myself in several powerful modalities. I became a master in Reiki, meditation, Theta, Crystal and Magnified Healing, as well as past life regression and discovered that I had a true gift of communicating with angels, entities, and departed souls. I trained with the best.

I started doing informal readings. People told me I was good. The real deal. Before long I had a waiting list and I realized I had found the thing I was born to do.

I have spent the last decade honing my skills and expanding my gifts. I bring all my tools and spiritual muscle to the table and use everything in my medicine bag to help you process what you need to and elevate your spirit to the next level.

I’ve been called many things. Angel Wrangler. Spiritual Soothsayer. Miracle Magnet.  I may be all of those things.  But that’s not my mission.  It’s not about me.

It’s about how I can empower you.

I’m here to teach you to develop your own intuitive mojo, to hitch a ride with the Divine and connect with your own God given power source.  To create a blueprint for manifesting magnificence and blast thru blocks to creating anything you desire.  You don’t need me to do this for you.  You just need a willingness to be open to the process, fearlessly ask for what you want and let the Divine do the rest.

This is the greatest and most profound gift I can give you.

A path.  A guidebook.  A map.  The keys to the kingdom.  The ability to find a solution to any problem, having clarity in the face of any obstacle and to create anything your heart desires.


Are you ready? Good. Then let’s get started!



My Work

What is my work about?

  • Reclaiming connections with departed souls.
  • Orchestrating “Meet and Greets” with your spirit guides.
  • Fine tuning relationships with our personal angels (yup, you’ve got more than one)
  • Giving you the tools to becoming a Master of Miracle Manifestation.
  • Using all my finely tuned gifts to eliminate energies, behaviors, and beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Healing sessions with loved ones past and present.
  • Fairy Playdates:  “Play” is their middle name.
  • Fool proof tools to access your higher self and purpose.
  • Exercises to give you the gift of site and a Celestial Support Group that will help you conquer any obstacle and bring any dream to life.

Professional Bio

Julia Treat continues a legacy of decades of spiritual healing and guidance.
Born a minister’s daughter, she spent her early years in a place of spirit and philanthropy.

In midlife, she built a successful career as a speech pathologist and thru a series of fortuitous circumstances was led back to a life of service.

She is an accomplished and well-known intuitive guide with specialties in communication with angels and departed souls and past life regression.

She is also a master practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, Crystal, Theta and Magnified Healing.

Julia is proud to announce the release of her first book in 2015.


Get clear. Get open. Get more Come this way.
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Download my FREE meditations and shift out of the old and into a higher vibration of love, joy, and peace. My small simple steps can start to shift things in big ways.
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