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Spiritual Bootcamp Begins Sept 2nd! ***

September 2, 2017



You were born to live a life of love, joy and happiness! If you aren’t then you have just forgotten that. I can help you remember what you soul already knows. You were meant for greatness and it’s about time you start living it!

You did not come here to be sick, poor, alone, angry, resentful, forgotten….you get my drift. I’ve been there, believe me. I got lost along the way. And I thank God every day for bringing me the people and the tools I needed to rise up and embrace my magnificence. We are all entitled to an amazing life and I think it’s about time that we all realize it!

There are so many programs out there that focus on manifesting money, and I’m all about having lots of it, but there is so much more to feeling fulfilled in life… 


I want you to feel rich in every area of your life so that when money shows up it’s just bonus!

 Learn what is holding you back and become a MAGNET FOR MIRACLES!


We were all meant to have amazing lives full of unlimited miracles, but for some of us it has been far from amazing with very few, if any, miracles showing up on a regular basis.

If you’re not receiving miracles on a regular basis and living the life of your dreams then you are blocking it… somehow. I know all too well what it’s like to feel like you’ve been forgotten. Like no one cares. Wondering if God is even listening. Yes, I’ve been at rock bottom, and I’m not saying that’s where you are right now, but if your life isn’t abundant in all areas of your life then I can help. Now if you ARE enjoying abundance in all areas of your life (i.e., health, wealth, friends, love, joy, laughter, adventures, etc), then you don’t need this program. If you are, however, struggling in one or even several areas of your life, then this is the program for you!



 Let me explain…

There was a time in my life not too long ago when I was struggling with abundance IN EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE. I was extremely ill with some sort of mystery illness, I was in a failing marriage that was headed for divorce, I had a thriving speech pathology private practice that I was forced to close due to my inability to work (due to my undiagnosed illness), I had very few friends and I had withdrawn from the world. I literally hit my rock bottom. And let me tell you, it was one scary place!

My life seemed to be on some sort of downward spiral and I could no longer see any sort of light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. The tunnel I was stuck in was lonely, and I was at a place where hope didn’t exist.



I fell to my knees and begged God for His help.

I was at the end of my rope and I needed a miracle!



That’s when things suddenly began to turn around. I prayed to God to save me as I knew that He was the only one who could. I asked for a miracle and He didn’t hesitate in delivering. God started showing me the way back to the light and I can assure you that my journey has been nothing short of amazing and miraculous.

God brought people, events, and experiences into my life that would help me heal. My soul began to heal, and as it did my body, mind and spirit began to become congruent. Over time peace became a constant in my life. God had shown me the way and I had become an excellent listener. Once I let go of control and allowed God to guide me everything began to fall into place. I learned so much over those years. Some of it helped. Some not so much. But I was learning, regardless of the outcome, every step of the way. I was learning what worked and what didn’t. I learned from the best and spent thousands and thousands of dollars attending this event and that one, traveling all over the world. As my life began to change in miraculous ways and I stepped into my role as a leader, teacher, and mentor, I realized that what people needed was one program that covered it all. All of the great stuff! That is what I have developed for you.


Now I can help you…

God is guiding me to teach you all that I know about creating an amazing life full of miracles that show up on a regular basis. I get miracles daily and I can promise you that we are all entitled. I’m not some “special” being who was promised more. I am just like you. We are all one. And we are all worthy of abundance in all its forms!


This is not your typical bootcamp!

This is a program to get you on your divine plan. You will be balancing all aspects of your life: physical, emotional, and spiritual. You will be blasting through blocks like never before. Your body, mind and spirit will become congruent and you will start writing a brand new story.


It will be magnificent, I promise!


Don’t let any thoughts of doubt, lack or fear hold you back. Join me now and end the struggle…


 It’s time to start living your dreams!


Here’s just a snippet of what you can expect once you take the leap and join my Spiritual Bootcamp!


  • 4 weeks with me as I guide you to your new and amazing life!
  • Daily videos and audio recordings to help you start each day with a rockin’ perspective (I promise you will look forward to these!)
  • Multiple meditations to help you as you begin to write your new and so amazing story!
  • Learn how to call in your soulmate, perfect health, unlimited cash flow, new adventures, new friends. In a nutshell, a brand new life!
  • Eliminate the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging stories that you hold within that are keeping you stuck.
  • Learn who your spiritual team is and how they can help you. Your loved ones, angels and guides can make things so much easier for you! I will teach you how to utilize their unlimited gifts and talents.
  • LIVE group calls with me! to answer any questions and to receive loving and helpful channeled messages from your angels and guides (these will be recorded each week in case you aren’t able to attend in person).
  • Daily “to-do’s” that will help you remove any and all blocks from your divine plan. (I keep these super easy so that you can easily fit them into your busy life)
  • Daily lessons to help you usher more miracles into your life on a daily basis, which will include my own tips & tricks that I use to ensure that miracles abound. Seriously, you won’t want to miss this!
  • Learn to tap in to your own intuition so that you can breeze through everything with grace and ease.
  • Learn how to stay connected to the Light (aka God, Source, Creator, Universe) and harness divine energy so that everything that you do comes from love and only love.
  • Remove any and all blocks that are preventing you from receiving abundance in all its forms.
  • Rid yourself from the conditioning and limiting beliefs that are keeping you small (It’s our birthright to be abundant. If you don’t believe that then you have been duped)!
  • You will be included in a private Facebook group where you will be reuniting with your tribe (aka soul family), and where you will receive continued support from me. We are all trying to find our tribe and I will help you get connected to yours. This FB family is where a lot of magic happens!
  • Following bootcamp you will have the opportunity to join my private monthly membership. (Spiritual Bootcamp is a pre-requisite for my monthly membership)


I don’t care what is going on in your life right now. If you are not living the life of your dreams then you are not tapping into all of the abundance that you were meant to.

It’s time to start living the amazing life you were meant to!

4 weeks with me as your personal guide!


Here are just some of the amazing results that my clients have experienced following the divine guidance I offer:


  • “I was just offered a new job that I wasn’t even looking for. It is more in line with my purpose and it pays more than I make now. I can’t believe it!”
  • “I just found out that I am receiving an $80,000 scholarship for medical school. Pinch me!”
  • “Checks just started showing up and continue to come” (from one participant who began receiving checks from unexpected people and places). Seriously!
  • “After following your advice I have been manifesting amazingness! I’ve made over 6k this month in my little organic skincare business; I secured a wholesale retail (spa) account in Hawaii; and my shop (totally unexpectedly) was featured in Cincinnati Magazine’s “Best of the City 2016. Pretty freaking amazing!”
  • “This course has helped me in more ways than I could of ever imagined. Thank you Julia Treat & my tribe. It’s been an amazing journey!!”
  • “I have been asking the angels for full time employment & now they are letting me choose between two jobs! AMAZING!”
  • “Julia, your program saved my marriage!”
  • “Thank you so much Julia. I struggled whether or not to do this boot camp and last minute decided that it was something that I needed to do for me. I am so not sorry I made the commitment to myself!”
  • “A million thanks to Julia for giving us the tools we need to create a more peaceful & spectacular life. The one we ALL deserve!”
  • “This course was life-changing and inspiring! You owe it to yourself to try it. It’s amazing!”
  • “Thank you so much for these past 4 weeks. It has completely transformed me and my family.”
  • “The tools that Julia taught me will stay with me forever. With this new outlook on life that I have, I can honestly say that Spiritual Bootcamp saved my marriage. Do not hesitate at all about joining Julia’s Spiritual Bootcamp. It will change your life in ways you can never imagine.”
  • “My wife and I have never been more in love. Thank you for helping us find our way Julia.”
  • “I found my tribe and I am in love with them!!”
  • “No matter where you are spiritually, this workshop will be a blessed investment for you!”
  • “The miracles just started rolling in when I began working with you Julia. I can not thank you enough!”


So let’s get started!

Let’s end the struggle and begin living the life God intended for us!

There is very limited seating for this event so be sure to reserve your spot today!

And be sure to tell your friends and family about this life-changing event. I’ve done many virtual programs and even though they were considered long-distance learning, the collective energy of the group only amplifies the results…for everyone!

This is going to be one magical ride…


It all starts September 2nd!!  


Let’s do this! 

xoxo Julia


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September 2, 2017


Julia’s Online Event!
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