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Become A Miracle Mastermind BOOTCAMP! (Virtual Course)

May 7, 2017 @ 12:00 am - June 10, 2017 @ 12:00 am


There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another.            

~A Course In Miracles~


Our thoughts create our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.


And, our beliefs create our own unique reality.


But, it’s not our beliefs alone that influence what we experience on a daily basis.


Our feelings have the most significant impact on how we experience life.
In other words, our thoughts draw experiences to us that directly mirror what we truly feel inside.


If you want to be a powerful manifestor, one who easily and effortlessly brings people, opportunities, and abundance into your life, than you must master your emotions, first.



Are You Ready To Become A Miracle Mastermind?



I’ve manifested a great deal in my life; in good ways and bad ways.


And, one thing I know for sure is that once I eliminated this ONE THING, my whole world immediately changed.


With this ONE THING finally gone from my life, I began to experience everything as if I had won the lottery- EVERY SINGLE DAY!


I’m not any luckier than anyone else; I just found a way to remove this ONE THING that was holding me back.



And, I can help you do it too!

                                                (And the kicker is that it’s EASY!)



I’ll take you step by step through my unique branded system, “Become A Miracle Mastermind,” the same process that I have used for years to help me manifest my beautiful home, financial abundance, perfect health, a booming business working with my ideal clients and even the love of my life!


And, I will help you to uncover what is blocking you from manifesting YOUR miracles and teach you how to bring about everything that you want in your life.


So, of you are one of those people who says:
“I have bad luck,” or
“I have to work so hard for everything,” or
“Good things only happen to other people,” and find yourself always asking what’s wrong with me??”






I’m here to tell you that you have the power to manifest anything that you want:  money, health, love, opportunities, travel, your soulmate…..abudance in all its forms.


And I would be honored to be your guide.


Here is an outline of my amazing life-changing system:


Week 1 = Discovering Our Stories  In this first week we will be identifying our stories. These are the things that that we have taken on as our truth and these are the things that are keeping us stuck! Get ready for breakthroughs and aha-moments like never before.


Week 2Healing Our Wounds  In week two we will be diving deep into the murky waters of our soul. We all have wounds (what are actually creating our stories) and we MUST face them head-on. I will be guiding you as you uncover what has been running YOUR show for far too long. We will be grabbing our wounds by the horns, looking them straight in the eye, and releasing them forever. I will be be holding your hand through it all. You will feel completely loved and supported as you uncover your truths. THIS is where the shift begins. THIS will be your finest hour!


Week 3Becoming The Lotus  During week three we will begin to shift into a new mindset. We will be moving forward with a healed heart and we will be shifting into LOVE. As your soul begins to shine you will feel different, look different, and even love differently. And don’t be surprised if people begin to approach you with things like, “There is just something special about you,” or “You just glow.” (Happens to me all the time). This will be magical beyond your wildest dreams!


Week 4Writing Your New Story  In week four you will begin to write your new and amazing story. The universe is listening 24/7 and sending us exactly what we have been asking for. As you begin to say YES to miracles you will begin to see a new and spectacular vision of your life. I will show you how to connect with Universal energies to ensure that you move towards your hopes and dreams. You just may be shouting, “Pinch me,” as you start manifesting everything you have ever wanted…..and more. Manifesting at its best!


Week 5 = Maintining Your New Miracle Mindset  In this fifth and final week we will be focusing on ways to continue your new miracle mindset. You will learn tips & tricks that will keep you on track as you forge forward, creating the amazing life you have always imagined. You will be aligned with what you want to call into your life. And be sure to fasten your seatbelt! Your life will never be the same.



I have helped thousands of people create a new reality. They have rewritten their stories and are now experiencing miracles on a regular basis.


My students experience changes at magnified speeds- all because they follow the 5 easy steps that are clearly layed out in my Miracle Mastermind Bootcamp .


In fact, many of my students have even called my program a “complete life overhaul”, where they experienced true and lasting paradigm shifts.



You don’t have to travel anywhere to experience the miracles of this program.


This course is done virtually so that YOU can join me from anywhere in the world!



Here’s what past students are saying about my program:


  • After following your guidance I have been manifesting amazingness! I’ve made over 6k this month in my little organic skincare business; I secured a wholesale retail (spa) account in Hawaii; and my shop (totally unexpectedly) was featured in Cincinnati Magazine’s “Best of the City 2016.” Pretty freaking amazing!   J.Y., Ohio


  • I can’t tell you how much this class has changed my life. My thought process is different. The way I see things is different. It has transformed my life and miracles are happening for me on a regular basis! It has brought new and amazing people into my life along with many other things I did not expect to receive. I am now mentoring others! I am a better father, a better person, and I am just so much happier now. This is just the beginning for me! I am very thankful for this program, but most of all I am thankful that I met Julia. She not only helped me find myself but she became a dear and special friend.   ~Jaime, Arizona~


  • First and foremost, let me just say what a blessing you have been to me over the past several weeks. You can live a million lifetimes and never know how much you have helped me begin to heal. There’s no other way to describe it. Unbelievable. My heart is so full right now knowing that I am getting back on track to where I need to be spiritually and with myself. Thank you Julia!  ~Angie, Pennsylvania~


  • I just found out that I am receiving an $80,000 scholarship for medical school. Pinch me!  ~Emily, Pennsylvania~


  • I was just offered a new job that I wasn’t even looking for. It is more in line with my purpose and it pays more than I make now. I can’t believe it!   ~Jay, Arizona~


  • Thank you so much Julia. I struggled whether or not to do this boot camp and last minute decided that it was something that I needed to do for me. I am so NOT sorry I made the commitment to myself!  ~Angie, Pennsylvania~


  • Julia, your program saved my marriage!  ~Sharon, Pennsylvania~


  • Checks just started showing up and continue to come (from one participant who began receiving checks from unexpected people and places). Seriously!  ~Donna, New York~


  • We now have our new tribe to help keep us uplifted. A million thanks to Julia for giving us the tools we need to create a more peaceful & spectacular life. The one we ALL deserve!   ~Anna, Pennsylvania~


  • This experience is asking me to step out of my box and stop trying to control things…recently life has become chaotic, I turn it over to the universe and Angels every morning and give thanks each night. Something is changing inside me each day, looking forward to seeing how far I can go! Light and love to the group!  ~Michael, Ohio~


  • I am In LOVE with this bootcamp, you are amazing Julia Treat, and all of the tribe! Thank you for being my Tribe.   ~Kerri, Rhode Island~


  • This bootcamp is so what I needed! Because of past circumstances I was losing hope and trust so to speak. I was letting fear and anxiety control me. I have been feeling such a calm and peaceful feeling, I can’t explain it. Not to mention so many positive things are falling into place.  ~Angie, Pennsylvania~


  • Feeling shifts for real. Opening myself up like I have never before. I don’t know about you but I am loving some of the answers I am getting. Stay in the flow. OMG. It is awesome!  ~Eileen, Pennsylvania~


  • For some reason I got it into my head that I needed to WORK on manifesting. Insanity!! Thank you for helping me remember the way it really works!  ~Lynn, Pennsylvania~


  • I have been using the techniques you taught me every night and have definitely felt a change in mood and a lightening of the spirit as I don’t feel so weighed down by the negativity all around me. I’ve also noticed more signs and “coincidences.” I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to learn from you. I will never forget what you’ve done for me!  ~Janice, California~


  • Since I took your course I have continued to use my tools every day. Money has begun to come my way unexpectedly and I now realize that I had been blocking myself from all of my money miracles. Thank you for all that you do. God bless.  ~Norma, Idaho~


Have you heard enough?


I am beyond excited to offer this course to you because I know that it holds the secrets to YOU unlocking the door to all of the abundance that is waiting for you.



I can’t think of a better time to start manifesting YOUR miracles than right now!


Come and join me for this mind-blowing experience and begin allowing miracles to manifest in every area of your life.




Here’s what you get in my Become a Master Manifestor Bootcamp program:


  • Five- 60 minute weekly group calls with me to help you  visualize, create and call in your new and amazing life!
  • Recordings of everything delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Daily Miracles Abound lessons sent straight to your inbox, which may include inspirational videos, audio recordings, and meditations to help you begin each day with the best intention and the most profitable mindset. (I promise you will look forward to these!)
  • Strategies, tools and transformational exercises that will teach you how to:
    * Call in your soulmate
    * Create perfect health
    * Bring about unlimited cash flow,
    * Invite new adventures, amazing opportunities and healthy relationships.
  • Identify who your spiritual team is and how they can help you. (These are your loved ones, angels and guides who can make things so much easier for you!)   I will teach you how to utilize their unlimited gifts and talents.
  • Learn about the energy centers in your body (the Seven Chakras) that govern EVERYTHING… and how to keep these open and balanced (crucial for manifesting amazing shit).
  • Daily “to-do’s” that will help you remove any and all blocks from your divine plan. (I keep these super easy so that you can easily fit them into your busy life)
  • Unlimited access to my Become A Miracle Mastermind Bootcamp so that you can return to any lesson, meditation or pre-recorded call should you ever need to.
  • Secrets Strategies about how you can tap into and use your intuition on a daily basis, so that you can breeze through everything with grace and ease.
  • Harness the tools that help you to stay connected to the Light (aka God, Source, Creator, Universe) and access divine energy so that everything that you do comes from love and only love.
  • Remove any and all blocks that are preventing you from receiving abundance in all its forms.
  • Rid yourself from past familial and social conditioning as well as all of the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. (PRICELESS!)
  • Private Facebook group where you will be reuniting with your tribe (aka soul family), and where you will receive continued support from me. This FB family is where a lot of magic happens!




It’s time to start living the amazing life you were meant to live.




Spots are going quickly, so don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity.

Reserve your spot TODAY, and become a Master Manifestor of all of your tomorrows!!



This program typically sells for $5500!!!


But, for a limited time only, I am giving it to you for just $1997!






When you pay in full you will receive these bonuses:

* Divine Healing VIP Day with ME (done virtually)  ($997 value)

*Buy One Get One 1/2 Price – So you and a friend or family member can become Miracle Masterminds together! ($999 Value)

* Journey Of The Soul pre-recorded program to help you receive even better results!   ($997 Value)

*Certificate of Completion at the end of the course





Full Payment of $1997   =    CLICK HERE


Buy One Get One 1/2 Price  =   CLICK HERE


2 Monthly Payments of $1098  =   CLICK HERE


4 Monthly Payments of $574  =   CLICK HERE


6 Monthly Payments of $375  =   CLICK HERE


12 Monthly Payments of $198  =   CLICK HERE






May 7, 2017 @ 12:00 am
June 10, 2017 @ 12:00 am


Julia’s Online Event!
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