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6 Month Coaching Program


Have you caught yourself saying things like:

  • Am I really experiencing this or am I NUTS?
  • This scares the shit out of me! (I hear this one often)
  • How can I use my gifts to help others?

I get it! That was me. All of it.  

Well, all of it except the “scared” part. I never had any fear…about any of it.

I opened up to my amazing abilities in 2008, when a near and dear friend was preparing to transition back to heaven. THAT was the day that my life changed forever!

I began my spiritual journey and let me tell you, it wasn’t all that pretty. I had to learn things the long (and sometimes) difficult way. But eventually I made it. I found my way on the other side of the mountain. I found my way to my true soul’s purpose and now I want to help you do the same.

Only I can make it much easier for you!


I am here to tell you…

Yes, you have gifts!

Yes, you can do this!

Yes, you can get really good at your craft and share it with the world!


And it can be easier than you think!

 I will be your guide, your beacon of light as you open up to and embrace your amazing gifts.

I have witnessed thousands of transformations, each one just as magical as the next.


It’s time to step into YOUR purpose!


My Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts With Grace & Ease program’s primary focus is to help you open up to all of the magical connections that are available, resolve any challenges you encounter as you do so, and help you step in to your new role as a divine lightworker! Your life will be transforming and you will be able to see everything in a whole new way. 

You will become the change that you wish to see in the world!

YOU will become a light for others!

Consider the Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts With Grace & Ease program as the ‘fast track’ that propels you into a new and expanded understanding of who you really are, what might prevent you from reaching your true purpose and a step-by-step plan of how to get what you want out of life.

With my Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts With Grace & Ease program, you will learn how to build a bulletproof foundation for the rest of your life and blast through any barrier that attempts to get in your way.


We are in this TOGETHER.


My 6-month program will help you embrace your spiritual gifts in a beautifully, guided way.


Our goals will include: 

  • Guiding you as you step into you power as a lightworker.
  • Introducing you to your Spiritual Team (It’s massive!)
  • Identifying, overcoming and obliterating any blocks that have held you back from creating a life that makes your soul dance and sing with joy.
  • Developing a new and empowering belief system that transforms how you experience your life.
  • Making massive mindset shifts that clear the path to success and radically improve your decision-making
  • Knowing and leveraging your gifts and strengths as well as accessing new internal resources that provide additional support and enhance your life.
  • Tap into, develop and maximize your “inner guru” so that courage, confidence and certainty.
  • Getting crystal clear about what you are here to do.
  • Finally, waking up every single day to a life you truly, madly, deeply love.


My Embrace Your Spiritual Gifts With Grace & Ease program helps you become crystal clear about how you can immediately revive your life’s heartbeat through a redesign of three things: beliefs, focus, and action.


Combined with this life revamp, you will learn how to dream bigger and accomplish more.


This highly supportive intuitive coaching program gives you: 

  • 1 – 90 Minute “Getting Connected” Initial Session (phone, Skype, or Zoom). We will be discussing your hopes, dreams, the vision of your life all while connecting with your spiritual team to ensure guidance at the highest level. If you aren’t sure what you are supposed to be pursuing, you will get a lot of clarity here!
  • 1 – 90 Minute “Let’s Keep The Momentum Going” Session (phone, Skype, or Zoom)
  • 3 Sessions Per Month (via phone, Skype, or Zoom). During our time together, we will be connecting with your spiritual team for guidance while we develop unique strategies and tools that will help you achieve your desires. Sessions may include readings, past life regression, and crystal clear guidance in determining “next steps.”
  • Transformational meditations, videos and eye-opening lessons to help you realize and accept YOUR magnificence!
  • Tools & Strategies to expand your intuition, improve decision-making, and create big results!
  • BONUS: Interactive Clarifying E-mail Access. E-mail support to be used as needed for you when you want to clarify your strategy and need questions answered outside of a session.
  • BONUS: Journey Of The Soul pre-recorded program to help you achieve even better results!
  • BONUS: Spiritual Bootcamp pre-recorded program to help you create a life you love!
  • BONUS: Personally signed copy of my book, Stepping Into The Light, personal, channeled message included.


6 Month Coaching Package = $8,000 (Payment plans available)


I commit to giving you all the tools in my traditional and spiritual toolboxes to help you radically transform your life but the catch is that you must do the work. I promise you my ongoing support, tons of encouragement, and to be a light for you as you tap into and embrace your own amazing light.


It’s time to embrace your gifts with grace and ease, begin to see things through god’s eyes, and create a life you love!


 I’m ready when you are!


You can reach Julia via email: to schedule today.

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Download my FREE meditations and shift out of the old and into a higher vibration of love, joy, and peace. My small simple steps can start to shift things in big ways.
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